Jujitsu barrister pleads self-defence

The Sovereign Chambers barrister who is accused of drunkenly beating a man at a wedding shortly after exposing himself has told a jury that he acted in self-defence.

Christopher Dunn, who has a black belt in jujitsu, accepted that he hit out at David Baird-Dean at a hotel but said he acted self-defence.

Defence barrister Paul Greaney, of Park Court Chambers, asked Dunn: “You are a black belt second dan in jujitsu. Why were you not able to use those skills to diffuse the situation, without causing him injury or by causing him lesser injury?”

Dunn replied: “I just didn’t have time to think about it. It all exploded like that.”

The incident led to Baird-Dean needing reconstructive surgery for fractures to his face.

Baird-Dean was allegedly assaulted after earlier having words with Dunn about a “flashing” scene at a wedding party at Harefield Hall Hotel in North Yorkshire.

The prosecution claim that Dunn had earlier exposed himself, in front of guests, when asked about a tattoo. Dunn denies behaving in such a manner.

Giving evidence, Dunn claimed that Baird-Dean had been angry with him after he had “stupidly”, in an effort to be liked, said to Baird-Dean: “You wouldn’t really have kicked my head in”.

Dunn alleged that remark caused Baird-Dean’s mood to change. He went on to say that Baird-Dean went on to push him with both hands, causing him to fall down some steps and his face ended up in some bushes.

“I knew he was going to set about me. He started throwing punches at me,” Dunn told the court. “I put my hands up and ducked down. I was bobbing out of the way, but the punches were catching me.”

The barrister accepted having thrown a flurry of punches out of fear – two of which he said connected.

“He was relentless. He was angry and I was terrified he would knock me out with a lucky punch and go to town,” Dunn told the court. “He was very strong for a smaller bloke. He had no trouble in manhandling me.”

Dunn said his last blow caused Baird-Dean to drop to his knees. The defendant gave Baird-Dean his T shirt and got him some ice.

Dunn later told the court: “It was just like a bad nightmare.”

Dunn denies a charge of grievous bodily harm with intent and an alternative accusation of inflicting grievous bodily harm.

The case continues.