Ex-CMS assistant sues for workplace stress

CMS Cameron McKenna is being sued by a former assistant solicitor on the grounds of workplace related stress.

Elizabeth Horstkamp, who worked in the firm's Aldersgate Street office between 1995 and 1999, is hoping to recover damages in excess of £50,000.
Horstkamp is claiming that the industrial stress was caused by the negligence, breach of contract and trespass she suffered at the hands of the firm.
Horstkamp is being advised by Withers partner Meriel Schindler.
It is understood that Camerons has not yet filed its defence.
Camerons, Withers and the claimant were all unavailable to comment on the exact nature of the case. But according to Hammond Suddards Edge employment law expert David Whincup, such a move is highly unusual. “Although many assistant solicitors are overworked it is not at all common for them to sue. By suing for workplace stress you run a serious risk of ending your career in the Square Mile. It is wiser to move to a less pressurised legal environment than to sue an employer,” he said.