Camerons nets football instruction

CMS Cameron McKenna has scored its first piece of work for the Football Association (FA).

The firm's construction department has been asked to advise the FA on the building of the £40m National Football Centre, a training centre in Burton-upon-Trent. Construction partner Marc Hanson will be the FA's main relationship lawyer.
The work came through a recommendation from an existing client and was not put out to competitive tender.
“I don't believe any other firms were invited to pitch for the work,” said Hanson. “We were recommended to the FA by a quantity surveyor we've advised in the past. Very simply, the project manager at the FA invited us to do the work and we said, 'yes please'.”
The law firm most recently associated with the FA was Masons, which is acting for FA subsidiary company WNSL, which was responsible for the disastrous plan to build a new Wembley Stadium. Camerons is also involved in the Wembley project. It is currently advising the London Borough of Brent on the planning process for the new stadium.