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Why you might be accepting fake news without realising it

Do you believe everything you see? No matter how discerning or intelligent you are, we are all pre-programmed to be more accepting of information in certain contexts than others. While most of us are wise to the ‘Nigerian prince’ phishing scams of old, we are less likely to question an email from someone we know. We might question news on a website we’ve never seen before – but not in a publication we know well. And if we follow somebody high-profile on a social media platform we’re familiar with, like Instagram, chances are we take what they say at face value. It’s precisely because of this that mainstream media recently described influencer and celebrity accounts as ‘the gateway drug to fake news’.

Coronavirus: Impact of exceptional and temporary measures on enforcement proceedings [Portugal]

A number of exceptional measures have been introduced in the justice sector. These measures are set out in Law 1-A/2020 of 18 March and Decree‑Law 10-A/2020 of 13 March (as amended by Law 4-A/2020 of 6 April). The measures include exceptional rules on the extension of time limits and of the periods to take judicial steps. The rules will remain in place until the end of the exceptional situation to prevent, contain, mitigate and treat COVID-19.



Just as rioting season breaks out when the temperature rises, perhaps a bit of sun aggravates lawyers into bringing actions against their firms.

Perfect statistics?

When an expert said the chance of two cot deaths in one family was 73 million to one Sally Clark's fate was sealed. But Jon Robins asks: can you believe everything you hear?

Free thinking?

The press is campaigning for a change in libel law, claiming freedom of expression to be the highest goal. But Jonathan Coad asks: is it really the public’s interest they have in mind? Even for a lawyer who believes in the value of free speech and who makes their living defending media clients from libel […]

Search for knowledge

An expert witness can make or break a case so finding the right one is paramount. Jon Robins reports on what could go wrong if you pick a not-quite-expert expert

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