Are you sure he said 'fat'?

Rarely has Mrs Tulkinghorn been as interested in a case as she is in the possibility of David Ginola taking his Aston Villa FC boss to court for harassment.
The French footballer – who is worth a whole lot more than the couple of quid a bottle of the shampoo he advertises costs – is considering legal action after his manager John Gregory suggested that the player he pays £35,000 a week was a bit overweight.
Matrix Chambers would neither confirm nor deny reports that Cherie Booth QC has been instructed on the case.
Anyway, Mrs Tulkinghorn is currently writing two letters to said chambers. The first is to offer her research skills in trying to assess by close study of photographs and of the real thing whether Mr Ginola is a bit tubby or not. The second is to ask Mrs Booth how much such an action would cost.
Unfortunately, dear reader, Tulkinghorn has to inform you that he is the forthcoming defendant in a harassment claim. In his defence, he would just like to say that when he told Mrs Tulkinghorn he admired the way she really filled an evening dress, he was trying to give her a compliment. As he was when he told her that she was cuddly. And he only bought her a size 18 nightdress last Christmas because he had not taken his reading glasses with him.