Just a bit off the top, please

When Tulkinghorn went to visit Lovells' new offices, just a few minutes walk from its old home on High Holborn, he was surprised (and impressed) by the enormous steel sculpture that had been erected as a centrepiece for the firm's new atrium. However, on closer inspection, the bold piece of modern art seemed to be missing something. As it turned out, he was not wrong.
A passing lawyer joked that the sculpture was so big that it couldn't fit in the building. Tulkinghorn couldn't believe that the sensible management at Lovells would ever have forgotten to check measurements; so he asked one of his young scribes to investigate further.
A phone call to the firm revealed that the sculpture, by Angela Conner, was meant to be made to measure. Apparently, the top 20 feet of the sculpture has been removed. But there is no cause for panic. A spokesperson said: “It's currently being played around with, but we're expecting its return in the next three weeks.”