T&N fails in appeal bid

THE FAILED High Court appeal by engineering company T&N over asbestos-related illness claims will have implications for similar cases, says a lawyer involved in the hearing.

The Court of Appeal last week upheld a decision awarding damages to two victims of asbestos-related disease. It ruled T&N should have known asbestos dust could cause injury to the lungs before the victims were born. It is the first time damages were awarded for asbestos claims to people who have not worked in a plant.

June Hancock, who contracted mesothelioma, was awarded £65,000 by Leeds High Court. She was represented by Sheffield firm Irwin Mitchell.

Evelyn Margereson, represented by North West firm John Pickering & Partners, was awarded £50,000 for the death of her husband from the same disease. Her solicitor, John Pickering, said: “It is a significant finding which will be useful in other pending cases.

“The court has stressed that this is not a test case but I hope this finding will lead to sensible negotiations in the other 22 cases for people who have been injured or killed by dust escaping from that factory.” He said the case might apply to other dust-related illnesses.