Firms revamp to lose stuffy image

A prowling orange cat has been adopted by Bristol firm Osborne Clark to adorn its stationery and office signs.

The new logo, a far cry from the traditional legal images of wigs and quills, is an attempt by Osbornes to update itself and stand out from the crowd.

A second large regional firm, Manchester's Donn & Co, also announced a revamp last week. It too has a new logo, and has changed its name to Donns.

Both firms attribute their revamps to the need for a more modern image.

Osbornes' managing partner Leslie Perrin said: “We have felt for some time that we needed to bring ourselves up to date by presenting a more relevant, fresh and modern image. We liked the cat. It says to competitors: 'Watch out for us'.”

Graham Macmillan, of PR firm Fishburn Hedges, the designers of Osbornes' big cat, said: “There is definitely a trend towards law firms wanting to look different in the market place and more accessible to their clients.

“There is more competition in the Nineties and firms need to be hungry for business. Adopting a corporate identity away from the conservative norm is part of that.”

Raymond Donn, senior partner at Donns, said the new logo and name was part of the firm's attempt to make solicitors appear less stuffy. He said: “The average man in the street is frightened of solicitors. By updating ourselves we hope to become more approachable.”