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A fast-track for beautiful developments?

The Government has published its long-awaited white paper on planning reform, which seeks views on 24 proposals. In this legal insight we look at the key areas that have been targeted for reform.

Cayman Islands administrative fines regime for insurance licensees

By Rob Humphries The Monetary Authority (Administrative Fines) (Amendment) Regulations, 2020 (the “Amendment Regulations”) came into force on 26 June 2020. The Amendment Regulations serve to amend Schedule 1 of the Monetary Authority (Administrative Fines) Regulations (2019 Revision) (the “Fines Regulations”) and extend the scope of the fines which may be levied by the Cayman […]


Immigration rules cleared

Philip Barth’s article “All change on the form front” is partially incorrect as it suggests that the immigration rules change affecting applicants for extension of leave to remain has been fully implemented by the introduction of the proposed forms on 3 June. At least for the time being, the law in effect has not changed […]

Legal Aid. When legal aid starts to go by the board

The Lord Chancellor has displayed his usual Caledonian canniness in cutting back criminal legal aid. No-one would care if there were no solicitor to represent those accused and by definition guilty of some heinous or indeed petty crime. The assertion set out in last year’s Green Paper, that representation in criminal cases will “continue to […]

Limits to the prvilege defence

The Media enjoys lampooning judges as old fashioned and out of touch and many of the legal profession’s top names have had cause to fume over the exaggerated reporting of cases they presided over. This is especially true of Winchester Crown Court’s Judge Griffiths. However, unlike some of his colleagues, Griffiths struck back. He launched […]

Compensation payments cut

A DRAMATIC £750 cut in individual contributions to the Solicitors Compensation Fund is planned by the Law Society. Sole practitioners and City firms alike will welcome the move, which will provide the largest firms with a one-off windfall saving of up to half a million pounds. The body’s ruling council will be asked to approve […]

Challenge of the charter

In my article (The Lawyer 13 February) I asked what lessons were learned and what useful information was gained as a result of the Law Society’s December 1994 study into the use of a conveyancing quality mark in Northern Ireland. It also looked at successful conveyancing firms in this country. It would appear that no […]

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