Alsops hands out millions in mystery donations

Alsop Wilkinson's Andrew Young has been catapulted into the limelight with his orchestration of a mystery donation of nearly £10 million to UK charities, including one run by Benedictine monks in a remote corner of West Sussex.

Young, head of the private client department, spends much of his time setting up offshore trusts for wealthy individuals.

It came as a welcome break to his daily routine when he found himself informing the charities that they were to get over £1 million each thanks to the generosity of an English woman who died in 1993.

She set up a fund called the Bolingbroke Foundation, managed by the Lichtenstein Global Trust, which is paying out a total of £9.7 million.

“I must admit it was a very happy occasion, making phone calls to inform the recipients. When people get a call from a solicitor, they do not usually expect good news. I felt a bit like Anthea Turner on television announcing the lottery winners,” said Young.

The charities, which received the money last week, include the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children, the Gardners Royal Benevolent Society and the Friends of Peru which is run by Benedictine monks at Worth Abbey.

Young was assisted by senior consultant Barry Locke.