It has been a bad week for:

The Legal Action Group, which has so far failed to find a replacement for its director, Roger Smith, who has left the group to join the Law Society as head of education and training. Finding someone with Smith's ability to manage the group, as well as being a high profile figurehead, is proving a difficult task.

The Law Lords, whose faces were splashed all over, of all places The Sun. No, they haven't been caught with their pants down. Their sin is to be at the centre of "the cosy 'old boy' method of selecting the 12 guardians of the British legal system". Now The Sun has spoken, can we expect the Lord Chancellor, Lord Irvine, to relent over his decision to ditch Labour's long held promise to establish a judicial appointments commission?

Lord Irvine's deputy, Geoff Hoon, who was reportedly put on standby to replace the controversial Paymaster General Geoffrey Robinson until the Chancellor, Gordon Brown, persuaded Tony Blair not to sack him.