Nicky Bizzell, Eversheds

I like my colleagues a lot. But I’m not sure I’d want to see them at the ­weekend.

Nicky Bizzell
Nicky Bizzell

Name:  Nicky Bizzell

Firm: Eversheds

Position: Resourcing ­manager

Lives: Benfleet, Essex

I usually get to work at 8.30am. Give or take an hour.

I’ve twice fallen in love at work. Sadly neither time was career enhancing.

A colleague once gave me a chocolate-scented teddy bear for Christmas. I think I may have been on the receiving end of a regift.

If I was a lawyer I’d like to be whatever Harry Hamlin was in LA Law. I loved that show – an ’80s classic.

The canteen at the Wood Street office is fantastic. My favourites are the gammon and the tomato soup, but I had a ­fantastic scampi linguine today. Mmmmm.

My salary is greater than my age. But mentally I still feel 18.

What do I always have at work? Pad, pen, ­BlackBerry, valium. The ­priority of these items is subject to change.

I love my white Americano with caramel syrup. A ­caffeine and sugar hit

all in one lovely cup.

The two things that irritate me most are people biting their nails and clicking their knuckles. Luckily I’ve

not yet encountered a ­partner who does either.

At the end of a week I like a cheeky glass of wine as part of my five-a-day. I also like sunny walks with my dog.

Eversheds in three words? Openminded, ambitious, supportive.