Abbey National is suing solicitors George Plenderleath, Paul Davies, John Hobson, Paul Carr, Trever Shillabeer, Steven Griffiths, Oliver Borthwick, Michael Kelly, John James, Ian Brand, David Fryer, Dermot Carey, William Knoc, David Wilson, Thomas Thomson, Michael Bottomley and Duncan Wilcox for damages for alleged negligence and breach of contract when acting in connection with a loan to be secured over property at Luton, in June 1991. Abbey National is also seeking damages and restitution for breach of fiduciary duty and breach of trust, and in respect of alleged negligence in failing to take reasonable care to ensure that the statements made in communications were accurate.

Writ issued by Curtis & Parkinson, Nottingham.

Abbey National is suing 14 individuals, formerly trading as Blythe Liggins & Co, of Leamington Spa, for damages for alleged negligence and breach of contract as solicitors in connection with a loan in April 1990 secured on property at Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands.

Writ was issued by Curtis & Parkinson, Nottingham.

The Mortgage Corporation is suing solicitors Donne Mileham & Haddock, of Brighton, for damages for alleged breach of fiduciary duty, trust and contract and for negligence, misstatement, and negligent misrepresentation when preparing a report in connection with advance of £176,632 secured on property at South Wirral.

Writ issued by Berensons, London SW7.

Darlington Building Society is suing solicitors Allen Bage, Paul Atkinson, Graeme Cook and Geoffrey Moir, trading as Bage Atkinson and Co, all of Tyne and Wear, in connection with a mortgage transaction involving property at Newcastle upon Tyne and a loan of £140,000 to a borrower who is said to have made false representations.

Writ issued by Rosenbergs, London NW5.

Last week it was reported that Bindman & Partners had issued two writs on behalf of Ffyona Campbell against Orion Publishing and Express Newspapers. In fact Bindmans issued writs against the two companies on behalf of Stephen Scott, the producer of the BBC television series The Longest Walk. Scott claims that remarks made in Campbell's book The Whole Story and republished in The Express were defamatory.