Prior desire

Tulkinghorn is quite content sipping single malt in a plush armchair, but if you’ve ever felt the itch to do something different then you could do worse than follow the example of Simon Lipson, founder of recruitment consultancy Lipson Lloyd-Jones.

He’s been a lawyer, a recruitment consultant, a stand-up comedian and a sit-down author. His latest project is a mystery novel entitled Losing It, about a smart thirtysomething woman who becomes obsessed with her boyfriend’s former lovers.

A spokesperson for Lipson told one of Tulkinghorn’s scribes all about the author’s inspiration. “The idea sprang from his own curiosity about a girlfriend’s previous lovers. He recognised that the more emotionally involved he became with her, the more he was haunted by the thought that she’d been in other relationships.”

Tulkinghorn thinks that’s a little too much information, but wonders whether Lipson’s novel gets jealous of his recruitment consultancy.