Image scrimmage

In a bid to update its image, Macfarlanes has hung a collection of unusual photographs in its new Cursitor Street offices.

The premises, which opened last week, will be used for client and partner meetings.

In classic Macfarlanes style, the interior is decked out in reserved black and grey. Clients will also enjoy state-of-the-art meeting rooms complete with giant fold-down screens for presentations. So far, so impressive.

But the real test of any new office is the art collection, and senior partner Charles Martin took a personal role in making sure Macfarlanes’ was up to scratch.

Among the dozens of photographs on display are images taken by specially trained youngsters in Africa, some black-and-white portraits and, in a rare splash of colour, a microscopic close-up of what looks like a seed. It might not be Damien Hirst, but it fits the firm’s image like a glove.