Holier than thou

Tulkinghorn is an admirer of the game of golf and its followers. He feels that golf has the advantages of being a sport where the consumption of alcohol is encouraged and younever need break into a sweat.

Tulkinghorn has been following the

exploits of two likeminded individuals at Herbert Smith, who have managed to invent a way to play golf and call it work. James Pickavance and Elliot Beard set up the Pinstripes Club, a golf society for law firms, last year.

Pickavance said: “Unless they’re your mates, it’s quite rare that you get to meet with lawyers from other firms other than over a negotiating table.”

To make it seem more like work, Pinstripes opened up its doors to in-house counsel, with a competition pitting private practice lawyers against their clients. No surprise who won that competition.

Some big names turned up, including Axa, BAE Systems and Barclays Capital. But on the day it was Nick Russell from HSBC who won the main prize: a big trophy and an even bigger grin.