QC hauled over the coals by Medical Defence Union

Leading medical negligence silk Paul Rees QC is himself being sued for negligence by the Medical Defence Union (MDU).

The MDU is claiming unlimited damages from Rees, a barrister at top clinical negligence set One Crown Office Row, for allegedly breaching his duty when acting for the MDU in an action brought by brain dehydration victim Gemma Clark through her mother.

Clark sued over treatment she received from a doctor who died in 1991. The MDU agreed to fight the case on behalf of the doctor’s executor.

The MDU accepted direct liability to Gemma, under Rees’s advice, but is now alleging that he should have involved Cambridgeshire Health Authority in the settlement.

The MDU also states in its High Court claim that Rees acted in disregard of his instructions and exceeded his authority in reaching an agreement with Clark without settling a Part 20 claim.

A spokesperson for One Crown Office Row said that Rees did not wish to comment on the claim.