In support of Pembridge

I can sympathise with Law Society Council member Roger Wilson's response in shutting his eyes at the sight of Eileen Pembridge breastfeeding her baby (Tulkinghorn, The Lawyer, 29 April).

Some of us sitting on the press bench long to do the same when he gets up to make yet another intervention.

Happily, however, we are professional – and polite – enough to keep our feelings to ourselves about the spectacle before us.

Although I was not there at the time, I assume Ms Pembridge was as discreet as is reasonably possible.

It seems, therefore, that it is not the sight of a woman breastfeeding that some council members find distasteful, but the thought or the very idea of it.

The fact that a woman's breasts have a function other than to be gawped at while propped up on the bar in his local has obviously come as a rude shock to Mr Wilson.

What, I wonder, would he and his ilk have Ms Pembridge do, given that she could hardly be expected to leave such a tiny baby behind?

Leave Susannah to cry with hunger, perhaps?

Stay away from council until Susannah is ready to be left with someone else?

Or, better still perhaps, stay away permanently?

Rather than being insulting, council members should be congratulating Ms Pembridge for her energy and dedication to council business.

Fiona Bawdon

Freelance Journalist