The perfect host

Planning your summer holiday? Well, you may be interested to hear a traveller’s tale from Slaughter and May head of corporate Chris Saul before you book anywhere too exotic.

It appears that the thought of a sun-soaked, beach-based holiday was a little too humdrum for Saul (and his family). Instead, he chose to book a trekking holiday through Central and South America.

Among the many souvenirs he brought back was a rather nasty bite on his leg that proceeded to become so inflamed that Saul would regularly find himself leaping up in meetings from the pain.

So eventually along he went to A&E to have the bite checked out. It was only while lying face down on a gurney that the cause of the pain became apparent: it was a South American botfly, which chose that moment to crawl out of Saul’s lower limb.

Saul was then duly dispatched (with his fellow traveller in a vial) to the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine to make sure that the fly hadn’t brought his maggoty family too.

Tulkinghorn winces in sympathy, but surely Slaughters’ international policy (ie, don’t go abroad) should have taught Saul all about the dangers of leaving Blighty? Two weeks in Skeggy for Saul from now on, surely?