Pumfrey and Rimer promoted to Court of Appeal

The Court of Appeal has two new Lord Justices, with Mr Justice Rimer and IP judge Mr Justice Pumfrey moving up to the higher court.

Rimer J has been brought in to replace Lord Justice Chadwick, who retires in November. Pumfrey J will replace Lord Justice Auld, who retires in September.

The arrival of Pumfrey J will boost the profile of IP in the Court of Appeal. The court now has two former IP practitioners in the form of Pumfrey J and Lord Justice Jacobs.

Jonathan Radcliffe, an IP partner at Nabarro, commented: “[Pumfrey J’s] appointment will bring considerable intellectual firepower and gravitas to the Court of Appeal.

“The prospect of two specialist IP judges sitting together is a mouthwatering one for IP lawyers and will ensure that English Court of Appeal decisions continue to command significant international respect.”

Pumfrey J was a barrister at 11 South Square until he was appointed a High Court judge in 1997. Rimer J had a practice at Maitland Chambers before joining the bench in 1994.