Heavy petting

Louise Stonier, the head of legal at Sir Alan Sugar’s favourite pet store Pets at Home (in case you missed it, the cats and dogs shop played a starring role in the second instalment of the most recent series of The Apprentice), has no excuses for not owning a pet.

Stonier, who has been working at the fur-filled, fin-flipping emporium since 2004, has finally had a change of heart after succumbing to influence from co-workers, management and a small group of disappointed animals who have been lobbying for the until now eagle-less legal to choose one of their nominated hamsters.

Even her kids have got in on the action, and so Stonier is now looking to get a dog and to build up a Finding Nemo marine collection, complete with Dory and Nemo.

“Their passion for pets is just infectious,” admits Stonier, no doubt from between gritted teeth. But even she has to admit that kids and pets go together like… er… fish and chips.