Geza the Caesar

As The Lawyer revealed today, almost a quarter of the UK’s lawyers want to quit the law. See story. This astonishing statistic has been picked up by the media all around the world, from The Today Programme to newspapers in Japan.

But we’ve found one lawyer who left the law and came back. Geza Toth-Feher left Dewey Ballantine two years ago to launch private equity house CB Equity Partners with various glitterati from the German banking and legal worlds.

But it seems he missed the law, and so returned to Paul Hastings Janofsky & Walker. And he seems to love it so much he’s set up his own firm… with a little help from his private equity friends. See story.

There are many reasons to set up your own law firm, and Toth-Feher has got them all. He left the London office of Paul Hastings to set up Toth-Feher LLP, with offices in both Munich and London.

He is his own boss now. He can pick out his own furniture and wallpaper. He can pay himself what he wants and work on any deal. But the real reason behind the move is something a little more personal.

“To add a law firm to the market that has my own name – that’s really cool,” says Toth-Feher. “It’s a nice feeling.”

Nice one Geza, nice one son.