Alright Dave…

It’s official: Davids rule the legal profession. Davids Cheyne, Childs and Morley (of Linklaters, Clifford Chance and A&O respectively) are just three namesakes of 259 littering the market (or the database of recruiter Badenoch & Clark), which rather usefully went and counted them all up.

Lawyers and accountants basically have the same names, the poll found, with there being frankly an overrun of Davids, Andrews, Pauls and other biblical names in both professions.

At the next firm get-together, if you forget the name of someone you’re meant to be introducing, we suggest you go with one of the above names. The chances are you’ll probably be right.

Sarahs are also commonplace, with Sarah being the only female name to make it into the top 10. Unless you’re a male lawyer called Sarah, in which case that’s probably pretty unusual.

We think the exercise was an attempt to hold a mirror up to diversity (or lack thereof) in the industry.

However, there is a lawyer out there called Goodluck, although she/he fails to come up on the solicitors’ directory, so we suspect someone may be pulling Badenoch & Clark’s leg.

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