Susan Hall, head of property at DJ Freeman

You published the Fiona Callister Interview with me in your 25 June edition, which was very positive about the multidisciplinary approach of DJ Freeman's property department and the way in which we are moving the department forward.
However, it does draw inferences from what I said about the future development of the department and suggests reasons for the departure of partners that are incorrect.
Partners move for a variety of reasons. The five partners who have recently left or are leaving the firm – Jonathan Martin, Chris Comyn, Stephen Koehne, Richard Max and Jonathan Barnes – are each specialists in their own fields and have chosen to move to other firms that they perceive offer them greater opportunities in their specialist areas.
They have each made significant contributions at DJ Freeman and a number of those concerned were involved in some of the most important and sophisticated transactions ever undertaken by the firm. They were highly valued by this firm and we were sorry to see them go.