Go jump off a building

It seems that no one can escape from Big Brother, not even the City. Security was being tightened at Richards Butler last week after both Penny Ellis, the schoolteacher who was the first to be voted out of this year's Big Brother house, and last year's winner Craig Phillips, stormed the building by abseiling down it.
For some as yet unknown reason, they were joined by Paul Danon, alias Sol from Hollyoaks. For those of you that don't know, he was the troublesome teenager most famous for having a lesbian sister called Gina; for reforming his bad boy ways after meeting and falling in love with Jessie the prostitute; for trying to get her out of the game and away from her evil pimp Steve, who was also her brother; Sol and Jessie ran away and Steve kidnapped Gina who eventually got away; so Steve set fire to Sol's stepdad's pub but they got away; Steve found them again and Jessie pushed him off a building; Sol got charged with attempted murder but a policeman let Sol and Jessie run away to Spain – and all this in a couple of weeks. Phew, if you didn't watch it before you'll be sure to tune in now.
Anyway, apparently the stunt actually had something to do with raising £50,000 for Barnardos with 160 people abseiling down the building, including Richards Butler's chairman Andrew Taylor.