Hereford and Worcester lifts hunt ban after warning

HEREFORD and Worcester Council has decided to lift a ban on fox hunting after its county solicitor warned that the policy could lead to a successful challenge in the courts.

The warning from head of legal Roger Yates follows Somerset County Council's failed attempt to ban the Quantock Staghounds.

A committee report by Yates says the Somerset case established that a ban laid down on moral and ethical grounds could be considered lawful.

However, he warned that the ban would still be open to a legal challenge and subsequent costs if the ban was successfully challenged.

The council voted to lift the ban and, instead, monitor all hunting activities on its land, and consider ad hoc action if there are any causes for concern.

Hereford and Worcester imposed its ban, covering country parks, picnic sites, common land and open spaces two years ago, just one month before the Somerset decision which was subject to a judicial review. The case ended earlier this year with the council being ordered to pay a hefty legal bill.