Tulk’s Tigers

Last Tuesday saw a climactic soccer battle between Tulkinghorn’s braves and a team of hardened Richards Butler lawyers. No prisoners were taken, no quarter was given, although the lawyers did pass around the sandwiches in the pub afterwards.

An hour’s non-stop, end-to-end action at Paddington Rec saw The Lawyer team emerge victorious with a slightly flattering 8-4 scoreline (it was 5-4 with only five minutes to go). Accepting defeat with sublime grace, Richards Butler’s absurdly youthful managing partner Roger Parker, who had earlier played a mean game up front, presented The Lawyer deputy editor and five-goal hero Mat Swallow with the man-
of-the-match award. It was a gift appropriate to the wintry conditions: a hip flask.

The silver bottle would have come in very handy three hours later for an unnamed scribe from The Lawyer who, in his post-match “exhausted” state, found himself on St Neots train station waiting for a train home. If you don’t know exactly how far St Neots is from London, Tulkinghorn suggests you consult a map. A big map.

Any other firms desperate for a game should contact Tulkinghorn at the usual address.