TECBAR rounds on Judge Seymour

The Technology and Construction Bar Association (TECBAR) is preparing to lobby the senior judiciary to review the conduct of Judge Richard Seymour QC, the controversial figure at the centre of the Co-op-ICL storm.

Co-op v ICL concerns a disputed IT system. Judge Seymour slammed Co-op’s counsel and witnesses in his judgment. The Court of Appeal recently ordered a retrial, criticising Judge Seymour in the process.

TECBAR can be sure of the support of Richard Mawrey QC of Henderson Chambers, the barrister savaged by Judge Seymour in his Co-op v ICL judgment.

“There are a number of people who think that Seymour should be removed from the Technology and Construction Court (TCC) as soon as possible and some who think that he should be removed from being a judge. The general feeling among people who practise in the TCC is that the matter has got to the point where drastic measures may be necessary,” Mawrey told The Lawyer.

Mawrey’s stance is echoed by his senior peers, 10 of whom have expressed their concerns over the judge to The Lawyer.

Nicholas Baatz QC of Atkin Chambers recently denounced Judge Seymour’s ruling of the Bath spa case as “illogical and inconsistent”.
The case has gone to the Court of Appeal, which has reserved judgment.

TECBAR members are said to have become impatient with Judge Seymour’s frequent attacks on counsel.

Judge Seymour declined several opportunities to comment.