Hutton Inquiry hits taxpayer for £2m

The legal bill for the Hutton Inquiry will cost taxpayers £2m, final accounts expected to be released by the inquiry this month will reveal.

The bill will be split between official solicitors to the inquiry Clifford Chance, counsel to the inquiry James Dingemans QC of 3 Hare Court, the Kelly family’s law firm Bircham Dyson Bell and its barrister, 5 Essex Court’s Jeremy Gompertz QC.

Dingemans, who charges between £150 and £300 an hour, is understood to have earned £100,000 from the inquiry.

The fee for Brick Court Chambers’ Jonathan Sumption QC, who represented the Government in the second phase of the inquiry, has not been included in the £2m bill and will not appear in the inquiry’s accounts.

The BBC’s counsel, One Brick Court’s Andrew Caldecott QC, who charges £450 an hour, will have his bill paid out of the TV licence fee, as will Andrew Gilligan’s barrister, Heather Rogers of Matrix Chambers, who costs £275 an hour.

“We will file full accounts in due course. The bill will be approximately £2m,” a press spokesperson for the Hutton Inquiry confirmed.