Comic strip

After Tulkinghorn’s recent mention of a certain insolvency practitioner who stood up on stage at a sex bar in Spain to be fellated by a dwarf, the insolvency profession seems to have sobered up. A recent talent night hosted by the insolvency professional association R3 is a case in point.

Last year, the winners were a team from Ernst & Young, the members of which stripped down to their Y-fronts for a performance of songs from the film The Full Monty.

This year’s winners were a much more sedate group from Baker & McKenzie who, to the tune of that Monkees hit I’m a Believer sang “I’m a receiver”. It was funny, and very clean apparently.

And the dwarf lover? Well, in the spirit of the reformed profession, he did an even more esoteric star turn at this event. The randy bean counter, who shall never be named on this page, got up to perform what was apparently a very funny monologue about a
lost sock.