Litigation Personal Injury 3/3/98

McCormick v David Gold & Sons & anor QBD 23 October 1998

Claimant: James McCormick, 5Incident: Road traffic accident

Injuries: Claimant knocked off cycle by slipstream of van owned by first defendant and driven by second. Claimant said injuries meant he had to give up his job as a boat builder, but during the trial, footage was shown of claimant labouring

Award: £70,000 (agreed damages)

Judge: Judge David Wilcox

Plaintiff's counsel: Feliks Kwiatkowski

Plaintiff's solicitor: Cartridges, Exeter

Melleney v Winwright CA 3 December, 1998

Incident and appeal contentions: Defendant's appeal from order of Deputy High Court Judge Roger Titheridge QC, QBD, 5 February 1997, giving judgment for plaintiff (minor suing by father) for damages to be assessed subject to finding of contributory negligence of one third. Plaintiff, a boy injured by car when crossing main road. Appellant contended respondent should have used traffic-free route. Judge found that respondent was aware of car and appellant further contends respondent's fault was greatest