Litigation Writs 12/03/96

The sale of a Hampshire country house is at the centre of a legal wrangle in which the divorced wife of a bankrupt prince is suing her former solicitors for negligence. Sarah Saud, who was married to Prince Ahmed bin Saud bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, has issued a writ against City firm Collins Stone & Kay. She claims that as part of an end-of-marriage cash carve up, agreement was reached, backed by Bourne-mouth County Court on 18 October 1990 that the matrimonial home at Burley Hill House, Burley, Hampshire, should be sold and she should receive £625,000 from the proceeds. However, in November 1991 while the house was on the market, an Inland Revenue demand for £200,621 was served on Prince Abdul, and in May 1992 Mrs Saud became aware that bankruptcy proceedings against her husband were imminent. She claims the solicitors advised her that the £625,000 divorce pay-off would take priority over the tax claim. However, the writ says the advice was wrong and that Mrs Saud's entitlement from the house sale proceeds was cut by £116,360 as a result.

Writ issued by Moore & Blatch, Lymington, Hampshire. L426

Enfield solicitors Curwens has launched High Court action against Paul Ward, of Watford, claiming damages for alleged fraudulent misappropriation of money from the firm's office and from client accounts.

Writ issued by Curwens.

British Telecom is being sued for more than £200,000 in a breach of contract dispute over the provision of telephone lines. James Sinclair, of Knutsford, Cheshire, accuses it of wrongful repudiation and breaches of written contracts.

Writ issued by Pannone & Partners, Manchester. S2211

Angela Wilson, of Romford, Essex, has issued a writ claiming damages from Dr NK Gupta, also of Romford, accusing him of negligence which she claims led to the death of one of the twin sons she gave birth to on 11 November 1992.

Writ issued by Bindman & Partners, London. W126

Timothy Chadfield, of Barton-le-Clay, Bedfordshire, has launched High Court action against his brother, Kevin, after being badly injured in a shooting incident. The writ claims Timothy was injured on 19 February 1994 and accuses Kevin of negligent use of the shotgun.

Writ issued by Swatton Hughes & Co, Tring, Herts.