Denton Hall to reward its solicitors

CITY firm Denton Hall is to introduce a profit-related bonus scheme for senior solicitors not yet at partnership level.

The bonus pool is to be taken from the performance of the firm against its profit targets and then adjusted to each of the 40 senior solicitors according to their own performance.

The initiative is part of the firm's human resources strategy, which recognises not all solicitors will go on to partnership. Last summer, 40 such solicitors who had been with the firm from five to 10 years were awarded senior solicitor status.

Senior solicitors can now play an active part in the management, marketing and administration of the firm and some of them will still go onto partnership.

Paul Green, head of personnel at Denton Hall, said: “The scheme is equitable, affordable and motivational. People have bought into the scheme as they can see it rewards both individual and team contributions.