News from Hammonds, where the management elections last week took a back seat to the far more important auditions for ‘Hammonds Idol’. Guests at the annual summer party in Devonshire Square were invited to audition in front of a video camera for the firm’s very own version of reality show stalwart Pop Idol.

A genius idea that, Tulkinghorn hoped, would see prospective managing partner Peter Crossley throw some shapes and senior partner Richard Burns display publicly what he can do with a mike.
Sadly, the contestants were restricted to assistants, and even then only a paltry five lawyers took up the challenge and attempted to woo the judges. One went so far as to don a Mr Blobby suit in a misguided bid for musical credibility.

No names have yet emerged for the role of Simon Cowell, the TV show’s ‘Mr Nasty’, although there are apparently several volunteers to play the other, nicer judges. Perhaps there’s a role for the Crossley-Burns double act?