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Recent changes to planning: an overview

There have been several changes to the planning system in recent months, reflecting the response to Covid-19 and most recently in support of the Prime Minister’s evocation to ‘build, build, build’.

‘No DSS’ no longer

The Department for Social Security or more commonly referred to as ‘DSS’, was the government department responsible for providing benefit payments. The department was however replaced in 2001 by the Department of Work and Pensions. In the case of Rosie Keogh v Nicholas George Ltd, the complainant contacted a local letting agent regarding a property […]

Swiss Federal Supreme Court follows the practice of EPO’s Board of Appeal on singling out

In a recent decision (4A_613/2019, 11 May 2020), the Swiss Federal Supreme Court (Supreme Court) followed the practice of the Board of Appeal of the European Patent Office (EPO) as it held that the singling out of single features from two separate lists of features and therefore the combination of these  two specific features constitutes an extension of the subject-matter of the patent application leading to its nullity.


Encouraging words for SIF

Although it will displease many of my colleagues, I support the retention of the Solicitors Indemnity Fund. As a solicitor working in a small firm, I don’t have the time or the desire to pile through pages of glossy brochures to find the best open market insurance deal for myself. More importantly as a solicitor […]

Mind your manners at the northern bar

Barristers’ chambers on the north west circuit are winning fresh praise and new work, yet it is the little things that see them lagging behind their London contemporaries. “I know it’s a little thing and it’s superficial,” sighs one Manchester solicitor, “but they’re not as good with the coffee and sandwiches”. On a lack of […]

Swelling chambers rush for premises

THANET House, the former premises of the Immigration Appeals Tribunal, has become the latest target for barristers chambers which face a growing accommodation crisis. One Essex Court and Fountain Court have both looked at Thanet House, which has a price tag of around £10m. Middle Temple seems the most likely buyer, as One Essex Court […]

Battle in the High Court

The future of a High Court battle in which the Canada Trust Company is suing Wolfgang Stolzenberg president and chief executive of the Castor Group over alleged malpractice and fraud is to be decided by the House of Lords. Stolzenberg is fighting a long-running battle to block action in the English courts claiming he is […]

In brief: The Legal Aid Board

The Legal Aid Board’s multi-party action (MPA) panel has only awarded membership to 18 firms across the country. The firms, which all have proven track records in group actions, may bid for any legally aided MPA work. Non-panel firms can bid for contracts only if they have clients in the action. A specialist unit has […]

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