November Group shuns court case

The November Meeting Group (NMG), which is campaigning to buy insurance on the open market, has shunned Michael Dalton's pleas for help in his fight to take the Law Society to the European High Court.

Dalton, who is seeking a judicial review of his Solicitors Indemnity Fund (SIF) bill, approached Paul Clements, acting chairman at the NMG, with an offer to pool financial and management resources. Dalton says: “I have been encouraging the NMG to understand that my court case will affect the whole profession. This is potentially law-making stuff and if I mess it up, others will not get a second bite of the cherry.”

But Clements says the group is waiting to see what decision is made on 2 March, when the Law Society council meets to decide on the future of SIF. He says: “Dalton is bringing a case based on a different judicial matrix to us. The NMG will not be bringing a case before that date.”