Encouraging words for SIF

Although it will displease many of my colleagues, I support the retention of the Solicitors Indemnity Fund.

As a solicitor working in a small firm, I don't have the time or the desire to pile through pages of glossy brochures to find the best open market insurance deal for myself.

More importantly as a solicitor who has had a successful claim against me, I found the back-up of having a mutual fund invaluable.

We all make mistakes. While I agree those who are continually incompetent should be thrown out of SIF, my error was a small one and one that I have not repeated.

However if I had made the same mistake on the open market, my premiums could have skyrocketed forcing me out of the profession.

By abolishing a mutual fund we will also exile many good solicitors to the economic wilderness.

The Law Society made a courageous and necessary decision in keeping SIF.

Name and address withheld.