BT: bringing adversaries together

British Telecom (BT) has been quietly ramping up its respected in-house team. In January it scooped David Ross, the Europe, Middle East and Africa general counsel of Orange Business Services, formerly known as Equant.

The move teams Ross with Tim Cowen, the general counsel and commercial director of BT Global Services. They are former adversaries, often competing for the biggest strategic telecoms outsourcing contracts over the past 10 years. The duo makes a pretty formidable team, boasting a wealth of regulatory and commercial experience.

Ross joins as a commercial director working on the Reuters account, which Equant sold before BT acquired it in 2005. Ross has a broad remit encompassing legal, regulatory and commercial issues. This reflects BT’s desire for its people to be all-rounders. With more and more in-house teams merging their legal and commercial groups, lawyers with Ross’s skills set will be in high demand.

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