The face of feminism?

"Why do all of us women spend so much money on expensive face cream? So we can ensure that our faces look 10 years younger than our necks." So said Jenny Eclair, the hostess at the Women in Film and Television Awards 2000. Later, Tulkinghorn mused to his wife about how true that was, only to receive a blast of abuse for being such a chauvinist pig.

Tulkinghorn would like to take this opportunity to point his wife in the direction of DJ Freeman's spring edition of its media and communications newsletter. Commenting on the awards evening, fee-earner Melanie Boyle (a woman) writes: "To see a room full of women who successfully balance the needs of demanding roles in the industry, family life, and keeping their faces looking young, is a wondrous sight. Of course, these successful women know how to relax and enjoy themselves." All she omitted to say was that they all had necks like legwarmers.