Do Birmingham lawyers believe that there is a place in the city for an Arthur Andersen-style multi-disciplinary practice?

“The plan seems to be for a Garrett & Co office to open in every city where there's an Arthur Andersen office. Obviously, that's going to have an impact – it's further competition.”

Julian Tonks, senior partner, Pinsents & Co.

“Arthur Andersens in Birmingham does not have a legal practice and does not compete with us. The fact that they might open one is not an issue yet and we'll worry about it when it is.”

Quentin Poole, marketing partner, Wragge & Co.

“It's changing my relationship with my friends at Arthur Andersen. I treat them as potential competitors now.”

John Aucott, senior partner, Edge & Ellison.

“We already operate in areas where the accountants are operating. It's something of a symbiotic relationship.”

Peter McHugh, corporate partner, Eversheds Birmingham.