LawNet sets up specialist insolvency unit

LAWNET has set up an insolvency unit to provide specialist expertise for clients.

The unit comprises 19 lawyers, in 17 different locations, who will be pooling their knowledge.

Christopher Whitamore, the group's director of marketing, says: “There has been informal co-operation for some time but this gives members a more concrete base from which to work.”

He says that when a high volume of work is demanded over a short period of time, or when liquidated assets are spread out across the country, it is useful to have more than one solicitor working on a case at any time.

The unit will also serve as a support group for the 78 LawNet member firms running into problems which require specialist advice.

Graeme Jump, who chairs the unit and a partner with Mace & Jones in Manchester, says: “By formalising the unit we can provide effective mutual support and a dedicated national network which we believe the market find increasingly useful.”