Tulkinghorn: Blonde ­ambition

Now it’s really pulling out all the stops. Legally Blonde the Musical, which charts the progress of California socialite Elle Woods and her Chihuahua Bruiser, from the social whirl of campus life to Harvard’s halls of justice, opens on 5 December 2009 at the Savoy Theatre, The Strand.

Tickets cost between £20 and £62.50, but Tulkinghorn has a couple to give away to any reader who can answer the following fiendishly difficult question:

Q: Harvard University can be found in which US state?

a) Massachusetts
b) Florida
c) Ohio

Email your answers to tulkinghorn@thelawyer.com to enter the draw.

Canterbury tails

Tulkinghorn would like to extend his thanks to Simon Oates, business ­development manager at North East firm Bridge McFarland, for the ­following tidbit.

“Last week a telephone conference call between a district judge, sitting in the Canterbury County Court, and solicitors representing parties to the proceedings was interrupted,” Oates informed Tulkinghorn via email.

It was interrupted, he continued, by the terrible sound of screeching, ­clearly audible on the phone and throughout the hallowed halls of the court.

“The defendant solicitor confessed he was working from home and that his cat had just brought a rabbit into his study,” revealed Oates.

Not put off by the sound of cat versus rabbit, the pre-trial conference call continued.

“Is this the first-ever attendance at a court ­hearing by both a cat and a rabbit?” asked Oates.

Answers on a dead mouse please.

Hire birth rate

There must be something in the water at Baker & McKenzie. Or there’s at least a witch’s spell on the chair occupied by the members of the firm’s graduate recruitment team.

Within weeks of Justine Beadle and Suzanne Dare heading off on maternity leave from Bakers, their cover also found herself pregnant.

The pregnancy bug appears to be spreading rapidly in the graduate recruitment world. Debiella Camacho (who took over from Jennie Moore at BLP after she gave birth to triplets), Julie Williams (Dechert), Claire Kinselley (Herbert Smith), Claire Kendall (Ince), Claire ­Cherrington (Linklaters) and Mel Binks (Slaughters) are all about to drop. Oh, and Kate Osborne at ­Kirkland.

This is approximately half the UK childbirth rate for 2009. Tulkinghorn has advised Mrs T to stay well clear.

Jelly head

Which chambers’ practice manager has an ­encyclopaedic knowledge of jelly beans? The sweet-toothed barrister revealed his amazing ­ability at a pub quiz recently, where, on a team full of bemused judges, he correctly guessed every flavour of every chewy sweet, scoring 100 per cent for the round.

Rhyme ­without ­reason

Eminent barrister Michael Mansfield QC’s voicemail message is a peach. Here it is in it’s entirety:

“Nick nack paddy whack give the dog a bone, leave a message on my phone.”

And yes, he sings it.