Second strife

Second Life is quickly turning into an online version of Lincoln’s Inn, but with more outlandish clothes. The virtual world now has its own alternative dispute centre, where avatars can go and thrash out their problems without going through the nonexistent court system in Second Life. This adds to the patent and trademark office and the Field Fisher Waterhouse office.

IT blog ICT4Peace (http: // picks up the story. The e-justice centre provides mediation and arbitration services, focusing on conflicts in the consumer sector of Second Life.

Oddly enough it was set up by the Portuguese Ministry of Justice, Aveiro University and the Faculty of Law of New University of Lisbon.

Can’t see Jack Straw and Nigel Savage jumping on that bandwagon yet, but you never know.

Kemp site

IT boutique Kemp Little is 10 years old and the firm has celebrated as any 10-year-old would: by revamping its website (

The new site is pretty workmanlike in most respects. But there is a couple of interesting additions.

First is the Work In Progress extranet for clients, who can log on to see what bills they still need to pay. It remains to be seen how many clients will accidentally delete and forget that link.

There’s also a little animation, which thanks those same clients for 10 years of work and perhaps to show the lighter side of the firm. It’s no Matrix Reloaded, but it passes the time.

A tool for love

Age discrimination laws can often throw up a few strange cases. The Spiegel Online ( reports on 77-year-old German playboy Rolf Eden, who has filed charges against a girl 58 years his junior for refusing to sleep with him, claiming ageism.

It might not be the most romantic way to seduce a young lover, but a stern letter from a German employment lawyer might just do the trick for Eden.

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