Whistle while you shirk

Tulkinghorn was dismayed to receive an anonymous call from a disgruntled employee of Buchanan Ingersoll, claiming that a ban on singing or whistling had been imposed on the London office. Not only that, said the caller, but from now on staff were to be charged for any personal calls made from the office. Tulkinghorn naturally could not believe that any law firm could be quite so curmudgeonly, and so put in a call.
Once she had stopped laughing, the charming office manager Marion Dunn denied that the budding Julie Andrews in the office had been silenced, so it seems that Buchanans' versions of Dopey, Happy, Sneezy and Doc can continue to whistle while they work.
As for the charging of phone calls, Buchanans is about to introduce a cost recovery system, but Dunn stresses that it will be no more stringent than those in other law firms, and no, staff would not be charged for local calls home to say that they will be in the office for the next three days.
Tulkinghorn's advice is for visitors to Buchanans to sing I'm in the Mood by the Nolan Sisters very loudly at any given opportunity. After all, you're allowed.