The 'luck' of the Irish

Strange tales of a recent Pinsent Curtis 'training' weekend in Dublin have reached Tulkinghorn's ears. In a novel attempt to make downing copious amounts of alcohol seem constructive (perhaps so that the beer can be put on expenses), Pinsents merely renamed the evening a 'team building' exercise.
As part of this 'team building', partners had to dare each other, with the forfeit being to down further copious amounts of alcohol. Dares included serving a pint of Guinness behind a bar (which, as devoted drinkers of the black stuff will know, could provoke extreme violence in Dublin if not done correctly) and putting on a piece of street theatre that would draw a crowd. Insolvency partner Patrick Core, who is based in the Leeds office, even got a glimpse into the life of an art student when he accepted a dare to serve at Burger King.