Captain's log

Dressdown Fridays have been a problem for many firms, with some even forced to bring in the design consultants to dictate to partners what they should and should not be wearing. Tank tops, legwarmers, black shoes with white socks and shell suits are definite no nos, for example, but what of the latest offering from Michael Skrein's wardrobe?
Richards Butler's head of media litigation actually asked the head of human resources (HR) whether he would get into trouble for showing his true colours at work. Despite appearances (see below), however, Skrein informs Tulkinghorn he is not really a Trekkie, but a beloved Wolverhampton Wanderers fan, whose players wear orange.
Skrein had donned the outfit for a British Video Association dinner, where he was accompanied by Mr Spock (who heads the firm's anti-piracy unit and who goes under the pseudonym of Mike Northern) and Lieutenant Uhura (or Sarah Harrison, as she is more commonly known).
So Richards Butler is boldly going where no firm has ever gone before, and at least it is the classic William Shatner outfit, as one suspects that HR would have been less than happy if Skrein had turned out in something from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Captain James T Kirk boasts a little more kudos than Captain Picard.