Herbies unveils new computer system for workload planning

Herbies unveils new computer system for workload planningHerbert Smith is rolling out a bespoke computer system designed to ensure that work is efficiently allocated between teams.

The system, which has been designed by management consultants, is currently being piloted by the firm’s competition lawyers until July. It is also being rolled out to litigation and corporate imminently.

Senior partner David Gold said: “This is designed to make us move closer to being the firm of choice and employer of choice.

“It’s about making sure we’re efficient in the way we put teams together and making sure we have the best person working on particular projects.”

The computer system allows practice heads to chart exactly who is available and when, with the intention of planning workloads over short-term and long-term periods.

Managing partner David Willis said the scheme is being rolled out across the firm following the initial development stage.

“We think it’s fit for purpose and we can do it in other areas,” he said. “The people in competition seem wedded to it – they’re enthused. It’s an extension of the wider excellence
programme that we’re involved in.”