Dickson Minto rules out Willkie Farr merger

Dickson Minto has scotched Willkie Farr & Gallagher’s plans to build a transatlantic private equity powerhouse. The Anglo-Scottish firm ruled out a merger, vowing to stay independent.

In an email sent to all staff and seen by The Lawyer, senior partner Alastair Dickson said: “The firm has worked with Willkie Farr closely for a number of years, particularly with their Paris office, and we have a high regard for their practice.

“The firm is exploring ways in which we might work more closely with them and handle some of their requirements for legal advice in the UK.

“Dickson Minto will not, however, countenance any arrangement which leads, or is intended to lead, to a merger, or to our complete autonomy or independence being compromised in any way.”

Dickson, in his late 50s, is widely regarded as the firm’s main force, leading some to question how the firm will function once he retires. Willkie Farr declined to comment.