Farrers picked to support Olympic bid team

Farrer & Co is anticipating an influx of work after the Government announced last week that it would back London’s bid to host the 2012 Olympic Games.

The firm has been appointed as the official legal partner to the British Olympic Association (BOA), changing its longstanding relationship to an exclusive one. Under the new arrangement, Farrers is giving favourable fee rates for the bid work as a gesture of support.

This will be the first time a bid has been made under new rules drawn up by the International Olympic Committee following the Salt Lake City scandal.

Karena Vleck, head of Farrers’ sports group, said: “The IOC has brought out a whole new procedure for bidding to make sure it is whiter than white.” As a result of the new rules, national Olympic committees, such as the BOA, have a much bigger role to play.

Farrers further consolidated its relationship with the BOA last month when it hired the association’s former director of legal and public affairs Robert Datnow as a senior solicitor in its sports team. Datnow and Vleck will form part of the bid team, which is led by partner Peter Wienand.

Farrers supported the London Olympic games in 1948.