Confusing connotations

I was pleased to read the report by Chris Fogarty in The Lawyer 6 May describing my research.

I appreciate the difficulties of communicating about research, especially in the early stages. However, in fairness to those referred to in the item, I would like to clarify two points.

First, I think that most local government professionals might identify with the notion of "public servant" rather than "civil servant", the phrase in the article, because the latter is commonly used in relation to central government employment and has different connotations.

Second, although representatives from both the Law Society and the Association of Council Secretaries and Solicitors were kind enough to comment informally on my survey and raised no objections in regard to my proposals, I would not like this to be represented as formal approval or sponsorship.

I should, of course, be very pleased to hear from any local government lawyer who would like to participate in the research. I can be contacted at the University of Westminster on 0171 911 5000

Jill Armfield,

University of Westminster.